Sequoia Series - Fabric Pots

The Spring Pot Sequoia series grow bag is the smart pot option for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growers looking for more growing and less pains.  The proprietary rigid upper rim of the Spring Pot Sequoia makes for easy filling, watering, and moving to promote thriving growth of your plants. 

The Spring Pot Sequoia dark grey and tan color maintains optimal root zone temperature by deflecting heat while resisting algae and moss buildup over time that decreases plant performance in other fabric pots.  Sequoia fabric pots are available in a durable UV resistant fabric that lasts for multiple growing seasons. 

Dark Grey Sequoias are available in 2 gallon pot to 25 gallon pot sizes and the smart pot solution for small to medium sized plants.   Sequoia 200 gallon to 400 gallon raised bed fabric pots come with vertical interwoven fiberglass poles to offer additional sidewall support.