SEQUOIA 300 Gallon Fabric Tree pot for raised bed gardening and urban gardening

SEQUOIA - 300 Gallon Fabric Tree pot

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The Sequoia Large 300 Gallon fabric pot is great for potting trees as well as for raised bed gardening. The large size offers lots of possibilities for backyard gardening, urban gardening, rooftop gardening and balcony gardening.

Features & Benefits

  • Stand up by itself making making it easy to fill for one person
  • Has fiberglass sidewall support making it stronger than other large fabric pots
  • The tan fabric offers superior UV protection and release heat from the root zone
  • Velcor tie-down straps for branches
  • Aerates the root zone and air-prunes roots
  • Faster plant growth
  • Higher harvest yields
  • Made from a superior quality fabric
  • Hand crafted and beautiful design 
  • Twist & fold down flat to ⅓ diameter for easy storage.

Size: 60×24

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